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Terms, conditions, and sizing info.

I require payment in advance. This keeps the riff-raff out.  
You can send in a coin for me to work over.  We should talk about it in advance.
Email, text, or a call.  Some coins are too big, too small or made out of the wrong
materials to convert it to a ring.  So we should talk.  Payment for these should
accompany the coin.  Cash, check, or a PayPal email so I can invoice you prior
to beginning the work.
Thanks for your understanding.

Many ask "how do i get my finger size for a ring?"  A jewelry store is your best bet.
They do this sizing as a free service.
Here is a video on other methods for the do it at home person.  Go to YouTube and type in:
How to: Measure your ring size at home.  Watch it all, but pay special attention when the
video gets to 3:17 'paper sizer method'.  This is my favorite way to do it at home.  Better then
the string method.