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  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Ring 1916-1947


    Walking Liberty Coin Rings:  The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is considered by many to be America’s most beautiful silver coin. So highly admired is the design, it was chosen to grace the obverse of the U.S. one-ounce Silver Eagle bullion coin.

    Walking Liberty halves are among the most highly collected of all U.S. coins and a complete set can be a challenge to assemble, but many collectors succeed.

    Now, take that great design and make it into a ring.  Captivating for sure. Coins from the 40's are in the best condition for this process.  Earlier coins in great condition can be had for additional money.  Send me an email for that type of request. Bungalowd@yahoo.com

    ***Please allow me 2 weeks to make this for you.  They are all made to size at the time of ordering. Rush orders may be possible. bungalowd@yahoo.com***