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  • AA Chip Coin Ring

    $79.99 $49.99

    AA Chip Coin Ring.  Instead of leaving your chips in a drawer, why not wear one.  Then have me add a sobriety date to the front of it.  Talk about making it personal...  Notice the sobriety date in some pictures.

    Pictures #1, 5, & #6 are of a .999 fine silver AA chip.  This is an option.  An extra $50. option. 

    ***Please allow me 2 weeks to make this for you.  They are all made to size at the time of ordering. Rush orders may be possible. bungalowd@yahoo.com***

    Sobriety coins themselves do not help people stay sober as such. Yet recent studies have shown that there is a relationship between physical 'plays' and psychological resolve. But yes, it's the meaning behind them that is important. When a person receives a coin in payment for one month's sobriety, three months, or a longer period of time, the coins give a sense of pride and reward for staying sober as long as they have, and to motivate them to continue. If a person should feel the desire to drink again, all they have to do is look at their coin to remind them of all the progress they have made up to that point. It makes them ask themselves if they truly want to throw away all that progress they have made

    I say, get it out where you see it every day.  Bound to help your resolve. A ring made from a chip makes the most sense.