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  • 1971-Present Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Ring

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    Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Ring. 1971-Present.  These are made from today's clad coins.  Meaning no silver. They are a mix of nickel and copper.  Great way to commemorate a birth year, anniversary, or a child's birth.  A silver option is available for some years.  

    Silver (90%) are available form 1992-present.  The US Mint did not make any 90% silvers from '65-'91.

    ***Please allow me 2 weeks to make this for you.  They are all made to size at the time of ordering. Rush orders may be possible. bungalowd@yahoo.com***

    The Story of the Kennedy Half Dollar

    Few moments in the 20th Century have been examined and probed in greater detail than the events that occurred in Dallas, Texas, on the morning of November 22, 1963. When three shots were fired in rapid succession from an open sixth floor window above Dealey Plaza, the course of our Nation's history was irrevocably changed. The youthful and eloquent President of the United States, the standard bearer of a new and passionate generation, was dead.

    In the terrible sadness of the days and weeks that followed the sudden, tragic death of President John F. Kennedy officials at the United States Mint received numerous letters and telegrams suggesting a "coin of the United States be struck in honor of our late President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy."

    -text above from US mint