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Welcome to my website:

I created my first coin ring in 1976. It was during the recovery period of a very serious motorcycle accident that I discovered the art of making silver rings out of coins. 40 years later, I'm still wearing it, and now creating rings for others to enjoy. I create rings from everyday quarters, half dollars, foreign coins; even bus/ subway tokens.  Whatever kind of ring you're looking for- I'd be honored to make  one for you.
Here on my website I try hard to show you multiple pictures of rings I've recently made.  This way you get a good idea as to how yours will            turn out.  Some makers show you one picture of a ring they made five years ago and want you to believe that's what your today ring will look like. I just feel that you should see more pictures, more angles, different lighting, all the real life things that change how these great rings look.